Friday, June 12, 2009

Everything hurts...

Everything, I mean everything on my body hurts today.  After the first workout session with Jen Murphy and then working out yesterday with Lori at the gym (Nykki overslept), I feel like every inch of me hurts.  But I love it, it's the best kind of pain.  I love knowing that I'm actually doing something that makes me happy.  I will always continue to struggle with this, but I feel like for the first time I'm actually doing both things that I need to do to lose weight: working out and eating right.  I've never done both things at one time.  It's usually my eating that's on track but then I lay on the couch and continue to be a couch potato, which kind of defeats the purpose of eating right.  No matter how good you eat, the weight doesn't come off because the body just isn't getting what it needs.  I just wish that the rainy summer days would end here in New York.  I can't believe that it's actually June because all I've seen in the past month since school has been out is cloudy skies.  I want to go out for walks and runs and just enjoy what the sunshine brings.  It's definitely uplifting, but I guess I'll just have to wait.  Until then I'm doing what I need to do inside.  Today is just a pilates day and a criss-cross sit ups day (Jen says that doing 50 criss-cross sit ups is what will lead to an even more tone stomach) so I'm pushing through the pain of the last few days and moving my ass at least a little.  A little change leads to bigger ones over time... The sky may be cloudy but my outlook on life is just all sunshiny :)

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