Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ayurveda Cleanse...

On Saturday I went down to my local herb shoppe for a session on learning about the Ayurveda detox cleanse.  I really wasn't prepared for what I was going to learn and I wasn't prepared for the length of the class (almost 5 hours of learning about Ayurveda!).

Ayurveda is sanskrit for wisdom of life or wisdom of living.  I went in to the class without an open mind, but by the end of the class I was feeling very lifted and optimistic.  It just taught me stuff that I couldn't deny about myself.

My dosha is Kapha:  "People with more Kapha in their constitutions tend to be of larger proportions, with a robust frame and padded joints, thick smooth skin that may tend towards oiliness, and rich, wavy hair. They are stable and calm in thought, speech and action, and are easy-going and supportive in relationships. There is an element of steadiness to their step, a quality of serenity in their smile. Loyalty is usually their second name. They are long, heavy sleepers and uncomfortable in damp, clammy environments. Calm and sweetness of disposition are hallmarks of balanced Kapha."

It also says that Kapha's shouldn't eat wheat or dairy because it causes imbalance.  It's crazy.  I know that dairy, breads, and pastas are the things that aggravate my stomach and cause me difficulty.  Yet, I love them.  It's something that I'm working on now that I know I should try to avoid them in order to feel my best.

I started eating really clean about a week or so ago so I could start the cleanse as soon as possible.  I started on Monday.  I feel amazing and it's only been two full days.  I'm not going to lie, the first day was really hard.  For the first four mornings I have to drink Ghee (clarified butter) but luckily I'm able to mix it with some almond milk and cinnamon (blended; the ghee and the almond milk are like oil and vinegar, they just don't mix).  This is so you can purify your insides within the first four days.  These first days you can only eat fruits and veggies.  No caffeine (that was the hardest).  I'm just amazed that I don't have a headache.  

The last four days include eating Kitcheri, sesame oil massages (to bring toxins out), and drinking some castor oil, and a whole lot of stuff that I'm not looking forward to, but I'm keeping an open mind now because I feel amazing and connected to my body (just like they said I would).  

My family thought I was crazy at family dinner on Monday for not joining in on the eating except for my bowl full of veggies, but I don't care, I wanted to do this for myself in order to make a good start at clean eating.  Hopefully, this jump start can keep me going on eating healthy.  

Three days with no caffeine!  Now that's the biggest accomplishment I could have ever achieved.

This should be interesting...

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