Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh My, Is It Valentine's Day...

I've never been a big Valentine's Day person; it might just be because I never really felt like I had a sweetheart who cared about it like I did.  When you're a kid it's all about getting those little paper Valentine's cards and you hope, for some reason, that someone will give you a special one that they didn't pick out for the rest of the class.  When you're a teenager you start to realize that you want romance, you want someone to send you flowers to school or have them waiting at your car or on your front porch when you get home from classes.  A lot of the time you're disappointed.  Sometimes your high school sweetheart just isn't the guy on the white horse that you made him out to be.

Not to say I never had a good Valentine's day when I was younger, but it always felt like something your man had to do, not something that he really wanted to do because he felt you were special.  It was more like, well it's Valentine's day, so here's your flowers (the one's that still have the sticker on them from the local gas station).  Put a little romance into it fellas!

Then I met my hubby.  He just makes Valentine's day special.

I can't explain it.  It's not about the money he spends or the dinners out we have had, it's about the fact that I know he does it just to make me smile and feel like a princess.

He's a keeper (better be right? That's why I married him!).

We decided a few weeks ago that instead of going crazy for Valentine's Day on presents (like he knows how to do! and I don't know how to do—what do you buy your man for Valentine's Day anyway? unless of course he's a metrosexual, then you could just buy him a shirt I guess)... Anyway, he's great at buying presents and I feel horrible at it, so we decided that we would buy each other the full set of Rosetta Stone in Spanish (latin america) and that we would try to talk to each other in Spanish as much as possible once we both got started.  I think it was a wonderful idea.  The two of us nerds have been sitting here since Sunday throwing out sentences to each other and then translating; it's been fun, we're learning, we're dorks, and he didn't get a chance to really top me this year.  At least I thought...

The doorbell rang around 11 a.m. and who is it but the Lorel Grove delivery people sending me my flowers.  Now, I tried to convince him that he didn't need to "waste" his money on flowers this year, but that man of mine, heard the words "waste money on roses" so, instead he bought me tulips (Which my mom says the seeds are plantable, so I'm prepared to kill the flowers again promptly around spring time—that is when you plant flowers right?)  

I've never received tulips before and they're beautiful!  He really does know how to make me smile when I least expect it.  He's too cute and a romantic, whether he knows it or not.  

We went to Peters for dinner at 5 o'clock (early bird special people we are!) and it was fantastic!  Although, we both have to admit, our experience was much like the Valentine's day episode from Modern Family this past week... What can we say?  We like to eat early, just like the old people in diapers (no joke, there was definitely a woman wearing diapers there) Sigh.  Oh, romance!  But I enjoyed every moment of that delicious garlic soup because after today, no more dairy for me!  I need a new way of looking at food, not just cream and cheese... 

Despite our early reservation, we had a great time, we had an amazing time.  The food was perfect, we had complimentary champagne, and of course, bread shaped in a heart (these are the moments that I actually wish I charged my phone)!  Hopefully, we'll be one of those customers in our early 80's going out to dinner hoping we don't fill up the diaper too quickly (just kidding folks, just kidding!).

So our Valentine's dinner ended a little after six and to my surprise, the hubby offered to go and pick up the desk I ordered from Home Decorators.  I was a little worried, after my adventure with my mom in traffic last week, that we wouldn't get there before the store closed, but he assured me that either way, it would be a nice drive together.  And it was.  Thankfully, the store was open too (again, because I had to hit the bathroom! damn bladder) but also because I was really looking forward to seeing this desk in our office (well his office, since I barely use it, but then again, now I'm up here often because of the Rosetta Stone setup we have going, I guess I can really say, our office).

 He's such a trooper.  After a romantic dinner and a really long drive through the back country of New Jersey, he's in the office, as I type on his computer, putting the desk together for me.  

Now that ladies and gentlemen is what I call romance!  But hey, I even opened his beer for him, so I'm sure he thought that was really romantical too...

Happy Valentine's Day!


Trish said...

I'm glad you had a Happy Valentine's Day! Jon and I did our Valentine's Day on Sunday night. He got me the cutest cards. One of them he go because he loved seeing my face when we did our traditional look at cards in the store together. Its a Snoopy one where Lucy gets kissed by the dog. It has sound effects and I love it. He also bought me my favorite candy, Turtles. I really only eat them around Valentine's Day and Easter as a "treat." I will bring the card over on Friday for tea time.

I'm assuming your new tea is green tea?

Dana said...

Aww I'm glad that you both had a great Valentine's day! I just love feeling special and he always succeeds in doing that (we've got good ones!) He's finishing up the desk drawers as I'm typing this (i think i'm under his google id too, not sure until after I post haha) Can't wait to see the card... I just love cards!

The new tea is not a green tea, it's a black tea... it's so good, it has a little bite to it... love it!


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