Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No Need for the Radio...

I love days with my mom.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I would finally buy the new desk for the office that I've been telling my hubby I was going to get him (for at least 4 months now).  Right now he's using my Grama's old desk, but unfortunately it's a little too small to hold all of the stuff that needs to be held by a modern day person.  I love the desk and I'll continue to use it in the spare bedroom, but he really needed something bigger to hold his computer.

I found this computer on Home Decorators.

I love this store but it was only recently that I found out that they actually have locations that you can go to!  All this time I thought it was only an online outlet... so I had to check it out.  Unfortunately, our "local" store is an hour and twenty minutes away, but I had to go for it...  

My other buys from the online store turned out to be a lot smaller than I hoped for; sometimes you just fall in love with a look online and you forget to look at the measurements.  This has been my problem when I order things online without seeing them.

So, I asked my mom if she'd take the trip down with me (secretly, I knew she'd say yes, she just loves me) but traveling down to the store, we were hit by a tad bit of traffic—OK, lots of traffic!  It amazes me that people can't understand the concept of merging or how to get off on a their exit without slowing down to a measly 10 mph... it never fails that I get stuck behind the person who loves to tap their breaks too.  Fortunately, I brought my mom with me for the ride, otherwise I'm pretty sure I would have been screaming at the Garmin and screaming at every idiot driver next to me and in front of me.  Moms have a  great calming affect.  I've got her hooked on HGTV too, so I think she actually loved the idea of going to a home decorating store... now we both just can't get enough.

I love the fact that when my mom's in the car, I never need the radio on.  I can talk to her about everything and I always know that she's going to take everything I say to her to heart and she never judges me on my thoughts or my feelings... Isn't that exactly why mom's become our best friends?  A mom is just meant to be your bouncing board and your confidant for life.  And since we were stuck in traffic we were able to talk for a good while about everything and nothing.  Sigh.

So we finally get to the store, after constantly watching the GPS arrival time climb and climb and taking a few wrong turns.  We walked into the store (almost slipped in on the ice) like kids at a candy store.  It was glorious; mostly because I had to pee.  Then I was able to take in the furniture.  It was even more glorious.

We started looking around and I fell in love with an oversized chair that I won't be able to have.  

Sigh.  The one bad thing about having another half is having to consult with him about purchases!  Just kidding hubby—I swear!  But I do love this chair; it's one of those that you can curl up in the fetal position in—how fantastic for reading!

After looking around and enjoying the entire store, I started realizing that the piece I came for wasn't there!  Two hours of bumper to bumper traffic and I walked out of a fantastic store with nothing!  But I did order the piece for shipping to the store; that saves me $70 in shipping!  Thankfully, I found a desk with the exact same dimensions so I know how big the desk is, at least this time around I won't be shocked by a piece of furniture being too small; the size is just perfect.  I can't wait to see it in the office.  Hopefully it looks fantastic.  Either way, I had a great time talking with my mom; I love having her by my side.  Mom's really are the best gift that God ever gave us—that and the time he gives us to actually know our moms as a person and not as just "mom."  We might have hated every minute of the traffic jam of life we dealt with today, but I'm pretty sure we enjoyed every minute of it.  In a few weeks we'll get to enjoy decorating together too.  Thanks Mom!

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