Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Love Shopping...

I do.  I love shopping, I just can't help myself.  But lately, I've been so good at just "window" shopping.  I haven't been going crazy spending money; I'm giving myself a budget of $100 per week for spending (that includes gas and groceries) so if I want to buy a big purchase I need to save money for a little while in order to purchase it.  I'm putting a certain amount of money away per month in order to reach a goal that I have in my mind for what I want in savings for our future.  Wow, I'm getting so old!  And so far, I have to say that I've reached that goal for January and February; I'm pretty proud of that.

Now that we have our desk complete

(although the office itself is definitely not, so don't mind the horrible pictures), I'm looking to find a new desk chair.  I thought that the hubby might be attached to the chair he had but then he let me know that it was a hand-me-down so if I wanted to change it, I could.  Yea, shopping!

Unfortunately, these are two of the chairs I was looking at from Ballard Designs.  Initially anyway.  But then I looked at the prices and realized that it's just unrealistic for a desk chair.  I mean seriously people, $500-$700 for a desk chair? I mean, yea they're cute but I'm pretty sure that they're also not worth it, unless you're an executive sitting your behind on that chair all day (what am I talking about?  I'm sure CEO's have chairs worth thousands of dollars! But still, it's expensive for us working stiffs!).

So, Mom and I made trip over to HomeGoods today in order to find a chair that works for the room.  I don't want to go too dark because the room is dark but I didn't want to go light either.  Unfortunately, the one chair I did like had a leg on it that was glued together; I refuse to pay $200 for a chair with a broken leg (even if it's fixed!).  I took some pictures of some ideas for the office, but I'm still not settled.

Let me know what you think... the desk chair doesn't need to have wheels (we'd actually prefer without wheels because of the rug), I just want a comfy chair for us to settle into when we're doing our Rosetta Stone...

I think the one is too feminine and big and the other matches the curtains too much

Too bland?

And these were the lights I was looking at... cute little lamp or traditional desk lamp?

Or should I keep looking? The longer I put it off, the more money I save.  A win win in my book.  But I do want to see the finished product sooner than later.

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