Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just Not Feeling Right...

Ok I've broken some rules when it comes to my stomach problems (IBS... at least that's what they think it is).  Let me explain...  For the past week since my last weigh in I've been feeling really cocky.  I do this all the time when I start losing weight.  I start feeling like I don't need to stick to a plan and I can do it on my own.  I know I'm wrong.  I'm always wrong with it.  That's why I never get to my goal weight.  I had at least 2 dunkin donuts coffee coolattas this week (skim milk no whip, as always)- this is rule number one with my IBS- NO COFFEE!  Then I ate cheese.  Not just a little bit of cheese, which doesn't hurt my stomach, but a lot of cheese.  Three times this week I had some mozzarella and some parm cheese.  It just tasted so good the first time, that I wanted it again and again.  That's rule number two- NO CHEESE!  So what happened this weekend?  I suffered from massive stomach problems.  Doubled over in pain and complaining and complaining.  It was, of course, my own fault, but I'll only admit to that here.  I had to take this nasty drink stuff (magnesium citrate) in order to help, but it's my own fault... Hopefully I've learned my lesson.

So today was another Jen Murphy day.  I talked to her a little about the pain that I've been in from the workouts and that afterwards I just have no energy to do anything.  It's getting frustrating because I want to workout three days a week to four or five, but it's really hard when all I want to do is sleep on the days that I'm off from working out.  I just need time to recover it feels like.  She thinks it might be the fact that I am on a calorie restricted diet.  She thinks that I need more protein after our intense workouts.  So I followed her recommendation today and took a protein shot.  I have to admit, I do feel a little better today.  But that might also be because we did a lot of pilates today and not as many squats and lunges.  We shall see tomorrow when I wake up-  we'll see how much pain my muscles are in.  The hubby and I went for a walk tonight too.  I have to admit, I absolutely loved every minute of it.  Unfortunately, he got bit up constantly, so I'm not really sure if they'll be a second go at it.  But, I did love it, so I might have to finagle my way into another night out with him like tonight.  Anything is possible...  Like me giving up cheese again- I did it for Lent, maybe I should try to give it up for good... 

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