Friday, April 3, 2009

Doing Nothing Today...

Yesterday I was back in the gym with Lori and today I'm definitely paying for it.  Every part of me hurts like crazy but I have to admit I do love it!  But today I'm stuck in the house, huge rain storm lurking overhead, and I'm doing a hypothesis paper that is definitely throwing me for a loop.  I'm a journalism major, not a polysci major, and I have no idea how to write a 15 page hypothesis paper!  But here I am, laying on the couch, being completely lazy and unproductive, at least health wise, while I try to figure out how to do this paper.  I had to skip classes today in order to get a head start on this thing because I knew that otherwise this weekend would be way too stressful, and I'm trying to avoid stress as much as possible.  I've been having some tension, sinus, I have no idea what kinda headaches lately, and I need to do everything and anything to help them pass because no pills are working...

I can't wait for classes to be over, then I can start concentrating on me and our wedding (and first our vacation).  And my juicer will be here in a couple of days too!  I'm super excited... Lori and I are going to start doing yoga together at her house and maybe some hikes during the summer.  I love this!  I love having someone to keep me moving... plus I'll be doing some tennis on the weekends soon too with one of my bff's.  I can't wait to just keep moving, and hopefully keep toning and keep losing! 

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