Saturday, March 28, 2009


Today I'm exhausted.  I called up my mom to do our long walk and felt motivated, but today we went a little longer and it kicked both of our asses! Going up the last long hill that's close to my house we both had all we could to make it the last two miles.  But alas, we finished and drank a whole 32oz of water within a matter of seconds.  I've never felt so thirsty in my life!  I'm loving this 60 degree weather and these long walks but man I'm exhausted and the last thing is what I want to do is work tonight.

I also bought a juicer today! I'm so excited about it.  I've always wanted a juicer because it's such an easy way to add more fruits and veggies into my diet.  Coming home from our walk I had a huge salad and some peanut butter on some kavali bread.  I'm stuffed full of veggies and some green tea.  I'm exhausted but feeling good.  I can't wait to get the juicer in the mail- I'm thinking I might have to get a sam's club membership in order to buy veggies and fruits in bulk.  I love being motivated like this.  It's been so long since I've felt this good and this inspired!  I love it... I can't wait for our September wedding

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Trish said...

Hey you :) Keep up the great work! I'm so proud of you. The bodybugg has been keeping me in check. Thanks for inspiring me to do something about it. That 85 year old is definitely inspiring too. Imagine if you saw Oprah at Costco! That's a good idea though to buy it in bulk.


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