Monday, March 16, 2009

Today was my second day working out with Lori and I have to admit she doesn't disappoint.  I'm in so much pain and I'm loving it!  I got to the gym about an hour earlier then she did in order to tan (only once a week for my vacation) and to do cardio because she called me and told me she already walked today.  Pushing through the cardio without her wasn't that much fun, but thankfully knowing that she may walk through the door at any moment pushed me to stay on until she got there.  I did about 3.5 miles before she got there and then we pushed and did legs again.  Only this time it was a lot more intense and we used a lot more machines.  She's just like when I've worked out with trainers or my "husband"- every five seconds it's, "a little higher, a little more weight, or one more set of 15..."  I NEED THIS.  I need someone to encourage me and push me when I'm feeling like I can't do anymore.  After we did legs, we ended up getting back on the elliptical- she said we were only going to do a mile but it ended up being a half hour more.  I'm exhausted to say the least.  She also bought us these sweat bands that go around your waste in order to burn off more water weight.  It was a $4 buy at TJMaxx... I have to admit, I sweat like crazy and I'm not much of a sweater, even in the dead of summer, but damn I was dying today.  Hopefully it helps out with flattening out the stomach.  Speaking of flattening out the stomach, we did this exercise that she picked up in a kick boxing class last year.  You get a flat weight bench and you and your partner are on opposite sides, diagonal from each other, you hold on to your partner's foot and do a sit up and hit opposite hands.  I have never felt my abs burn this bad before!  I couldn't do the third set up to 20 but she ended up pushing me to finish.  Note to self: bring a water bottle!  I'm so happy I have some motivation.  Finally.  We both have vacations coming up this summer, so it's something for us both to work towards.  We're meeting up again tomorrow around 4 to do upper body.  I'm using machines that intimidated me before and I'm pushing myself harder than I ever thought.  I can't let her completely show me up right?! LOL.  I like having a friend who pushes me to do more.  I feel so inspired by her- I want to be in shape when I'm her age.  Shit, I want to be in shape at MY AGE.  

Right now I'm just sitting for a little bit and recovering.  I'm watching family guy and drinking green tea.  My "husband" is at the gym now because it's hard for us to work out together because we end up coming over to each other too much.  We've been saving money up for the wedding and our trip to Aruba is already paid in full.  Life is good...  

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