Thursday, March 26, 2009

Motivation Motivation!

I am so motivated right now to get healthy.  I'm loving the gym right now.  Lori couldn't go to the gym today, but I was motivated to go on my own after my morning classes.  I can't believe the amount of energy that I have right now.  I can't believe how I'm coming home after classes and going to the gym.  I can't believe that I'm going for walks before work.  I would have just "rested" before work, rested after classes, rested any chance I could get before.  But now I'm so motivated to get my ass moving and keep moving.  I can't believe how 3 weeks of the gym and lifting weights can change the energy levels completely.  I'm always tired.  I have the worst schedule.  Early mornings of classes and late nights working at the bar.  But instead of being tired all the time from the crazy schedule, I'm full of energy.  I'm so excited to see that at the end of the night I'm now burning over 2700 calories and I'm eating about 1200-1400.  So yea for me, I'm feeling better, I think and my "husband" thinks I'm looking better, and people have commented that they see the changes already.  My mom told me that after I visited her the other day at her job during lunch that people commented on how pretty I am and when she mentioned my quest to lose weight, they commented how I looked great and that they wished they looked like me!  Like me?! ha ha. But it keeps me motivated to hear stuff like that.  It keeps me motivated to know that people see that I try to be healthy.

Right now I hope that I'm motivating others too.  My girls at work want to go for walks with me, one of my best friends bought the bodybugg too... I feel like maybe my LIFESTYLE changes are helping others to get motivated too.  I need support and I want others to know that I'm here to support them as well.  I need a kick in the ass.  I can't do this alone.  I used to think that I didn't need anyone to help me out, but now that I have Lori pushing me at the gym,  I realize that I was never pushing myself enough.  I was never doing enough, I was always doing this half ass or taking the easy way out, and I refuse to do that anymore.  I'm proud of myself right now and I hope to keep pushing myself and hopefully push others.

The tuesday Oprah show with Dr. Oz encouraged me even further to do this the right way.  I want to live a healthy lifestyle in order to prolong my life as well.  I don't eat red meat and I rarely eat sweets, other than if I snuck them, and I refuse to hide anything anymore.  I can't emotionally eat anymore and I can't eat anything that I wouldn't eat in front of others.  It's not a secret when you eat along because it still shows in the sadness in your face and in the tightening of your pants.  I'm done killing myself.  By eating processed foods and eating junk food here and there, I'm making my life shorter.  I want to live a full and healthy life.  I want to be 65 and going for my 9 mile walks still.  I want to get my "husband" to realize that he needs to think the way I've started to because I refuse to lose him because of something he could change now.  He goes to the gym, he eats well, he motivates me everyday to be healthier, but there are little things (like his beer) that terrify me... one day I know he'll let it go, I just want him to realize that he can live even healthier than he does already.  This Dr. Oz show motivated me to change my eating habits even more... I've pretty much eaten well, but I had that "Ahh haa" moment of I CAN DO SOMETHING MORE!  What I've done isn't enough.  I know now that there's so much more to do... I'm so motivated!  Getting off the couch and moving around is the best feeling... I feel so blessed... I'm loving life.

Check this 85 year old out... tell me this doesn't motivated you! 

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