Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Need to be Prepared...

I hate not having enough sleep, but with my schedule this semester, it's kinda inevitable.  So when I woke up today, after a whole 4 hours of sleep, I had all I could do to turn on the tea water and get my daily dose of my caffeinated green tea.  Without it I can't even function.  I can't drink coffee anymore, so my green tea keeps me moving.  I love drinking it after I eat too, I feel like with my slow digestion, it helps me feel better.  I had a banana with a little bit of natural peanut butter and normally I pack something to eat during the day or I have protein bars in my car waiting.  I had my grapes (Frozen grapes with sugar free lime jello mix on them- they taste like lime skittles!) and I had a bottle of crystal light (well the cheaper version that I can't remember the name of right now) and I thought I was ready to go.  Unfortunately, I forgot my grapes on the counter, and forgot to put water in my bottle.  So by 12:30 in the afternoon I had to suck it up and buy a salad from the school's cafe.  Then I got a text message from my gym bff, Lori, telling me that she wouldn't make it to the gym today because my friend (her boyfriend) and her broke up.  I'm so upset about it!  I know that her and I will continue to work out with each other because I feel like we've bonded over our weight struggles and our workout obsessions, but I really thought that her and my friend were perfect for each other!  I don't know what happened yet, and I'm struggling to not butt in until she's ready to talk, but i'm just hoping that she's going to be ok.  She's such a great person, I just wish he realized that!  But I did go to the gym all on my own- she's given me confidence to even go into "manland" on my own.  It was a leg day and I'm hoping to be hurting like hell from it tomorrow.  That's why I love the workout, I love feeling the burn the next 2 days...

Anyway, on a positive note, I got my juicer in the mail yesterday!  I couldn't believe how easy it was to operate and how quiet it was!  I guess the infomercial didn't lie!  That made my night.  I made such good juice.  The hubby even like it too.  There's no name for it, I just kept throwing stuff in the juicer until I loved it... here's my recipe:

-Half a watermelon half
-2 carrots
-1 macintosh apple

It makes about 2 cups of juice, I promise it's so good... it was so tasty and the best part is, with the juicer that I got you can put the whole rind in and everything, even the vines for the grapes go in because of the nutrient value.  The hubby thought it was so tasty and I couldn't get over how sweet it was and how filling.  I honestly didn't want anything else to eat- normally towards the end of the night I'm fiening for something, but not last night, I'm very happy with my $140 purchase.  Definitely worth it-  I debated because I'm saving money for Aruba and the wedding, but I need to stay motivated and this is another spindle on my wheel.

Today my mother and I signed up for Sam's Club in order to buy bulk fruits and veggies for the juicer.  I also bought some Slim Fast snack bars- the peanut crunch ones taste just like butterfingers!  Granted, you have to have willpower in order to buy these because they are wayyy too good, it's kinda scary how good they are.  I say put them somewhere where you don't see them... Outta sight out of mind, right?  Back to the fruits and veggies,  I know in the end it will be worth it, but why does everything have to cost so much damn money?  Shouldn't the healthy stuff be cheaper than the shitty stuff?  Why are bags of chips cheaper then bags of grapes?  America wonders why people are fat!  The poorer you are the less good stuff you can afford- we've definitely got our priorities in the wrong places.  It's so sad, thank God I have a little extra to buy fruits and veggies- I count my blessings everyday...

I'm a little full right now from the salad I ate earlier with my mom and the chicken I had, so I can't even think of juicing tonight.  But tomorrow I want to think up something where I can add some baby spinach to- I love baby spinach, I'm hoping it juices well.  

Can't wait to start a new day, but I need to get some sleep, I've been up way too long.  Long walk with my mom tomorrow (if the weather coroporates) and I've got some stuff to do for the wedding and for classes, all before work at 4... At least I'm off Thurs and Fri from classes for Holy Week.  Now, it's Family Guy and nap time till the hubby comes home.  Gotta love it... 

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