Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back into the Groove of Things...

I woke up sick today.  I woke up tired.  Still I decided to get out of bed and head to school.  The sun was shining and I take some B vitamins and I started feeling so much better.  I really think the weather helped out so much.  It's hard to feel sick when the sun is shining and it's 60's out for the first time in a long time.  I met up with Lori after classes and she looked so sad, but the workout definitely kept her mind of things so I'm hoping I helped out a little bit with the breakup.  It was a great workout and everything is getting easier to do.  So I had to up my weight on the machines and do more reps.  But it felt so damn good to be back in the gym and hitting it hard again.  I needed it.  I need to stay motivated. 

On another high note, I headed to Target to buy some tanning lotion for the tanning bed so I don't burn like crazy in Aruba, and I couldn't resist looking at some clothes.  I bought a pair of shorts and a new pair of thinner workout pants for the summer, plus about 7 t-shirts.  I spent a little over $100- so I was pretty damn proud of myself.  I need to buy the hubby some shorts for the summer too, but I couldn't remember the size that he likes so I opted to do his shopping another day.  I love shopping, regardless of who it's for.  

I called up my mom today to see if she was up for doing an aerobics class.  She keeps on telling me that she would love to find a gym with aerobics classes, she says that's what she needs to get motivated.  She tried so hard to get out of it, but we headed to the class and man did it hurt like hell!  On top of just finishing a 3 hour workout with Lori, I did this class with my mom.  It was a Core class so it was mostly ab work.  We both got through it and plan to keep going every week.  It's good to have more options.  My mom doesn't want to go to the kickboxing class that Jen (the aerobics lady) has on Tuesday but Lori is excited about it.  So i'll be doing Tuesdays with Lori and Thursdays with mom... If anyone is interested in going with us just let me know, or show up!  It's fun and a big kick in the ass.  Go to Jen's site !  It's worth a look!  She's crazy buff and motivating... can't wait till Tuesday!

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Trish said...

Hey, once softball is over I would love to start coming to the gym with you. Especially to an aerobics class.


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