Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've Been Out of Commission

So I've been pretty sick with my stomach problems since Friday so I haven't been able to get to the gym.  It was a really hard weekend to suffer through but I finally got some relief yesterday.  My hubby went to the doctor for his own checkup and told the doctor about my symptoms (we're not officially married until September, so no medical insurance for me until then) and the doctor was really understanding about how worried the hubby was about me and printed out stuff for me to do in order to get some relief.  Thankfully, after 4 days of really suffering, I'm feeling so much better.  But now I'm going to start working more since my manager quit, on top of my gym buddy not getting back to me, so I'm really worried about sticking with my routine.  It's just hard to stay motivated when you've been feeling like shit and when you're just completely exhausted.  I wish someone could just give me tips on how to keep going when you've had a support system and now you're on your own.  I'm always looking for that magic number or that magic moment when everything clicks.  I've let go of the number on the scale lately because I've been doing so much strength training, and it's been hard to let go.  I've been so obsessed with the number on the scale for so long.  I just need support to keep going...
My mom and I are hitting up an aerobic class this Thursday- hopefully it will keep me motivated.  I need to keep changing it up... 

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