Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Little Christmas Spirit...

The past few months have been a tad hectic to say the least.

Have I thought about blogging? Well, no not really. But every once in awhile the feeling strikes me to start up my blog again. But let's face it, I get lazy and I start to think of how unimportant my little stamp in the blog world really is. Life is life and sometimes people really don't want to see pictures of your dogs, your clothes, or your significant other. We all like to put our best foot forward when we blog. We also don't like to show things that we might be scared of or things that we are scared to put out there. So, that's why blogging hasn't been priority number one for me. I've actually been pretty busy with life. My life with music. We've been playing gigs and getting paid! What a feeling that is. We have a gig tomorrow night that I'm looking forward to; it's the first time that my brothers will be home and hear what I'm doing. I'm beyond excited!

The new year will be pretty damn good. I'm convincing myself of that…

I can't wait to get our little demo done for Pearls & Poison. It's the highlight of everything in my life right now and I've made huge promises that I really hope to keep. I'm hoping I can become someone who doesn't just dream, but does. I've got big aspirations along with my music partner, and I really feel like we've got what it takes to keep moving to the top. But with big dreams comes big risks. I'm scared out of my mind. I'm willing to put that out there. I can't believe that I've been dreaming of writing music and singing for so many years and I always thought it was something that I was suppose to do. I always thought that eventually that dream would change over time and I'd get more "realistic." But I guess when you're suppose to do something, it just doesn't go away. I hope I'm right. 

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