Monday, December 30, 2013

So Amazing…

Friday night was just incredible.

It was incredibly humbling and I felt so blessed.

Every once in awhile when you feel alone, that people think you're crazy, and that no one believes in your big dreams, God shows you that you are completely wrong in thinking so.

Friday we played at the bar that I've been bar tending at for 8 years. Most people who frequent the place know that I have big dreams to be a singer/songwriter, but some still haven't heard me sing. Between karaoke and jumping in on a Patsy Cline song with one of our regular musicians, you'd think that almost everyone has heard me by now, but they haven't! So, when I booked our gig at my home bar I still really wasn't expecting everyone to come out. You know how it is when everyone promises to come and see you play; that they wouldn't miss it for the world, but then, no one shows up, well that was exactly what I was expecting. I was so wrong!

The night started off with just a few family members and then more family members. We were happy to see that, but then about two songs in, it happened! The place started getting packed! Call it good timing with the holiday season or call it good promotion on my part, but man I couldn't believe it. Six o'clock on a Friday night and there was standing room only and a wait list at the door. Everyone was asking the hostess if they could be seated where they could see the band. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was unbelievable and the best feeling in the world. Talk about feeling famous in a small-town!

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