Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hi Thursday...

I love myself a Thursday off. I know I've mentioned this plenty of times. I don't know what it is about Thursdays. I have Mondays off, but for some reason a Thursday off is just so fabulous.

I woke up at noon. I watched three episodes of Law and Order SVU. I took the dogs to the groomers. Then I came back and decided that I should tackle some tasks that I haven't been to in months. Well, at least it feels like it. Ok, maybe it really has been. Remember that funk I've been in? Yea, it's kinda affected the housework too. What can I say, everyone has a good funk they get into now and then. I feel detached from my house, so I haven't really put too much time into it other than the time I spend on the couch while watching Law and Order or whatever is in my DVR at the time. 

But for some reason it hit me today that the house needed a good one over. I started by cleaning out the junk drawer so I could put my K-cups in it. I was so tired of seeing the boxes on the counter and there's no room to speak of for extra cabinet space; I've pretty much maxed that out. I think if I didn't do anything else today, this would still feel like I ruled the world after this accomplishment...

I think it's all my friend Joanna's fault for coming over to make her famous pizza. If it wasn't for her I'm pretty sure I would have been happy and braless watching TV all day. But alas, I'm queen of the world and I couldn't let my home be overruled by K-cups and a messy table. I don't think this table is used for more than storage of the mail other than on holidays. It was kinda nice to actually eat at the table. I loved her pizza. And some bottles of Angry Orchard hard cider. Both were so worth putting a bra on for. I'm going to miss her when she moves to Philly for her new job. Damn her. But I'm thinking that means that I'll just have to make a visit to see her and my other friend down there. I love an excuse to escape for a bit.

After she left I needed to do something I've been dreading. Clean the tub. I hate cleaning the tub. My back hates when I clean the tub. But my hard water needs me to clean the tub a lot more often. I let bleach sit in it for a few hours. Then I scrubbed it down. Although I kinda let the jets run a little too long with cleaner in it. Oops...

Gosh I guess I'm really not good at this suzy homemaker stuff. I've never been much for all that. But I do love the finished product when my house is all shiny and organized. I need to go through all of the stuff in the house and start getting rid of things that aren't used anymore. I'm tired of seeing the clutter. But man, my couch is so comfy and there's always an SVU marathon on. It's just so hard to manage my time on my days off. 

Oh. I almost forgot. Luna discovered the duck. Over and over again. So I tried to capture the moment a few times and this is the best I could get... Oh, Lordy.

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