Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So it's Been Insanely Long...

Like I can't even tell you the last time I read a blog, let alone, wrote one.  I am the worst kind of blogger.  The one that finally gets people to read some of her stories and then stops dead in her tracks because that whole thing called LIFE gets in the way.  I'm not going to try to redeem myself here, not even for a second... ok, maybe I will.

I love blogging, but I started to get all into this whole working out thing and started to actually enjoy going to the gym- one opened up a little less than a mile from my house- so I honestly had no excuse not to go.  So those mornings when I would normally sit my lazy ass on the couch with a cup of tea were suddenly being spent waking up and going immediately to the gym.  NEVER in my life did I ever believe I'd be the person who wakes up and before even a taste of caffeine hit the gym!  But here I am- a certifiable gym rat. When I missed two weeks after getting LASIK eye surgery about a month ago, my first day back I was met with greetings by my fellow gym goers asking where I was and if everything was OK.  I guess the two weeks off did me good too because they also told me I looked fabulous.  Oh, hell, eating right and exercising on a regular basis does actually do good things for your body!  Who would have thought!? What a crazy concept right?  I've done the gym classes and I've had great results, but the way my body looks now, is just, well, like pure happiness.  I'm far from perfect and I'm far from done, but I'd say I'm 90 percent happy with where I'm at.  So, if I lag a little, well a lot, at the whole blogging thing, give me a little leeway because you should just know how HOT i'm looking right now and smile for me!  I'm not being conceited, I'm just being a little fat girl that realized she doesn't always have to be, if she's willing to put the effort and time into it.  Somehow my blog always ends up going back to me and my weight.  I guess that is my LIFE.

I'll post pictures at some point.  But right now, I didn't feel like going all out.  I just wanted you to welcome me back.  I didn't realize how many people actually read my posts until I went to my hairdresser and she asked me where my blog was, and then a relative, and then another... it made me feel good and then horrible because I never realized so many people read it!  So thanks to my blogger creepers!  I'm glad you're out there, even if you never let me know!

I've also been working a lot at my job and stepping into a manager role which has definitely been taxing on my time and my emotions, but I'm trying to find time to do my music and continue to write.  I don't want to live a life without passion and writing is that for me.  I've been so inspired in the past year to get my butt in gear and continue to sing and to write.  I'm trying to find like-minded people who have the same goals as me, but time and LIFE always gets in the way.  But I know beautiful music is going to get made and that makes me smile and keeps me writing.

I've updated you a little... please allow me to welcome you back into my life and i'm really hoping that you'll let me back into yours.  I hope you're all still out there and are looking forward to what is to come... I've promised my mom I'd set up a YouTube account and start copyrighting my music so I can get it out there.  Sometimes all you need is the right people in your life to light a fire under your butt to get you back into the swing of things; I'm glad I have the best people in my life to do so.


Baking With Melissa said...

OH! I have missed you!! I am so glad you are back!! Can't wait to see the photos!!! xo Melissa

Dana said...

Thanks Melissa! I'm so glad to have followers! I'm hoping to really get back into the swing of things! I knew it was bad when the hubby even asked me why I wasn't blogging! Thanks for reading!


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