Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm Obsessed...

Do you ever look at your iPhone and think to yourself, "this is so much cooler than Back to the Future"— I do, all the time.  For some reason I compare my iPhone to things I grew up watching in that movie.  For some reason, it's my benchmark for all things that I thought the future would be.  

The other day, with nothing on TV, the hubby and I started watching parts one and two and all I could think to myself is that my iPhone is so much cooler than anything that Spielberg thought of in this movie.  Then of course I thought to myself, "whoa, what happened to the first Jennifer?" 

Isn't it funny that I instantly looked it up on my iPhone.  Now, how cool is that?  You know how long it would have taken me to find out that information if I wondered this in like 1995?  What a good daughter she was!

I'm obsessed with my iPhone. I love FaceTime.  I think everyone in the world should have an iPhone and FaceTime- then maybe we all wouldn't miss out on watching our families grow up and then we wouldn't grow a part.  Those stupid commercials that introduced FaceTime, they made me bawl my eyes out every time!

Then of course there is Words with Friends— the whole reason I needed a Lifeproof case so I could still play while taking a bath.  Yup, I'm that obsessed!

I just think to myself, look how far we've come!  Can you believe that we have these little computers/phones in our pockets?  We can literally look up anything at any moment.  I think to myself that my grandparents would have never of believed the technology we have today because I can't even believe it.  I wonder what kids today will see over their lifetime!  I bet they watch Back to the Future and laugh; Me, I'm beyond amazed, but I'm still waiting for my iPhone to flip out some holigrams, then I'll be beyond impressed!  

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