Thursday, December 16, 2010

What's that I hear... Is Christmas Near?...

So, I've been back from Florida for a few weeks now and the Christmas season is upon us.  Work is slowing down, which always happens during Christmas, but with having to install a new countertop and sink, I'm definitely feeling the pinch just a little more this time around.  I hate feeling like I'm not contributing a lot to our monthly bills; it doesn't happen a lot, just this time of year, and the hubby doesn't mind, but I sure do!  I can't wait for nights with bands or for football Sundays.  I like giving good presents, but I refuse to go into debt for them, so this year I can only do what I can do.  I just hope family and friends understand.

I loved my trip to Florida.  I loved seeing my friend and I loved seeing her home.  It's beautiful and I had so much fun helping her fill it with furniture and decorating.  But since there are still items that need to be delivered still, I'll have to keep the changes for a future post.  

The weather was great for the first two days, around eighty-six, but then within a day it dropped to the forties!  Now they're in the twenties with us!

Sunsets are pretty but it just changes so much when you're just trying to not go numb as the sun goes down.  

Don't get me wrong, right now I would love to feel forty degrees, but when you're on a beach in your sandals, you kinda hope that the weather stays just a little bit warmer.  

Quite possibly the coldest beach feet ever!
It was a strange change of scenery.  We were listening to Christmas music on the radio and all I thought was that it was July and I was on a tropical vacation (at least the first two days).  How can people in Florida enjoy Christmas?!  They're in shorts and t-shirts and looking at palm trees.  It's just not Christmas in my mind unless I'm freezing my butt off!

Nothing was dying at the time.  How do you enjoy the rebirth of things once spring-time comes?  That's what I love about the seasons.  Although, I hate this cold.  Did I mention that?  I just couldn't get in the Christmas spirit down there.  And I felt like I was dating my hubby again.  Instead of cuddling at night and being able to give him a kiss, I was waiting for phone calls and sweet talking with him at the end of the night before I went to bed in an empty room.  It just felt so foreign; especially at night.  

It's strange.  Now that I'm home I miss my bestie like crazy.  I loved being able to just hang out with my friend.  I always miss my hubby so much when I'm without him; it'd be nice to have her here to do things with when he's working and I'm off.  Maybe one day we'll live in the same area.  But then the daily grind of life gets in the way, so I guess it's never perfect.

The day after I came home (with a teary eyed reunion in the airport) my hubby went in for knee surgery. Let me tell you what that anxiety can do to a wife that didn't get enough sleep on the night before!  I was so worried that something would happen to him.  I'm not great with seeing people I love in hospitals, I'm always so afraid, even if it's just for something simple.  Thankfully I knew the nurses and the doctor so it made the hours waiting a little bit easier.

I'm actually glad that I went away when I did because I've had the past two weeks to enjoy some time with my hubby.  It's been great having him home. Spatting about silly things or just getting on each others' nerves because we've been in the house with each other for too long.  This never happens!  Normally I'm just missing him, it's kinda nice to get tired of each other sometimes.  The funny part is, I think that's happened twice. I'm enjoying the cuddling (he just laid his head down on my leg) and the fact that I'm able to talk to my best friend whenever I want to talk to him.  No calling him at work to say hello or to say I'm missing him.  He's right here, I don't have to miss him.  I do feel a little like the dorky housewife when I call him at work so I try to avoid it at all costs.  So having him home is a major plus, I love it.

I don't think I mentioned how much I love to smell is newly shampooed hair either?  Did I mention it?  Because it's a fabulous thing that Pantene on my hubby's head.

Last Monday my mother and I finally were able to get our Christmas tree up too.  Thank God for Mom or I'd go crazy trying to get the parts of the pre-lit tree to be lit.  For some reason, it just never works out in an easy way.

These past few weeks have been very busy I tell you.  I was getting a little crazy about the holiday getting closer and closer and I still didn't have any decorations up!  Normally I'm a little bit more on top of it, but with the surgery and the hubby being home and needing my help (well in the beginning anyway) the tree and decorations became less and less of a priority.

Our tree looks great and I love looking at the ornaments and remembering why they have special meaning or remembering why they were bought at the time.  Christmas ornaments make me happy.  There's always a story behind them.  

Me, the Hubby, and Luna- at least in my mind
My plan is to eventually have no tree fillers, but to have all special ornaments with meaning.  Eventually that will happen but I'm looking to do it over time.  I'm going to buy an ornament for our vacations we take and the memories that we want to mark.  I just wish the hubby liked to decorate it as much as my mom and I do.  But then again, it's becoming my little tradition with my mom, so I don't really mind that much.  Yet.

We finally have stockings too.  Our fourth Christmas together and this is our first with stockings!  How could I have missed this major part of my childhood traditions!  Better late than never I guess!


Our nativity scene is almost complete too.  This year I bought the shepherd and stable animals and an angel to look over.  

My hubby gave me an early Christmas present (we're kind of notorious for giving our presents over time because we're like little kids and a bit impatient; we joke that we should have been Jewish and celebrated Hanukah instead) of the angel stand.  I love that the nativity is looking more and more complete.  I love looking at the true meaning of Christmas.  No matter what, my nativity comes out before anything else.

Another present that I got a little early were my footie pajamas.  

How fabulous is that?!  When I was a kid I remember having a light purple colored, care bear pair of pajamas.  I used to love those things!  These ones have the drop butt bottom too.  How exciting!  Maybe I'm the only one who loves the idea, but why didn't people think that grownups would like footie pajamas too sooner!  I mean who doesn't want to stay warm in the winter?  Yup, I'm a dork.  But my hubby calls me Dorkarella because I'm his princess; kinda like Cinderella but, well, dorkier. 

So, the Christmas season is here and I'm freezing my butt off in New York, I'm feeling broke, and I've headed back to the gym (and can barely walk now!) because I've gained too much weight back over the past few months, but ya know what?  Things are great.  I can't wait to spend time with our families and I have an awesome little family that we're building together and I'm looking forward to the new year and what special things it could bring.  

Ever since I met my hubby I've only hoped that each new year is just as good as the last and I haven't been disappointed yet.  Things just keep getting better and better.

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