Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year?...

I may just be one of those cynics who doubts the power of the new year and doubts the ability of people to change once a new year begins.  Everyone is making new year's resolutions and vowing to change for the new year, but over the years, I've finally stopped believing in the power of the new year.  I know that every resolution I've ever made has fallen on my own deaf ears.  I know that if I want to change a bad habit or start good ones, it's not going to happen just because the calendar happens to say January 1st.  

Does this make me a bad person?  Or just honest?

When I was a kid I would spend new year's eve with my Grama and my brother; he always went crazy cutting up confetti and then vacuuming it up later.  I loved watching the old shows that came on TV after midnight and eating popcorn.  I still love popcorn—thanks Gram!

When I was a teenager I was so caught up in the hype of new years.  I remember my parents going out and I was left to watch the ball drop on TV all on my own.  Just me and my teddy bear.  I would cry.  But why was I crying?  I don't think I even knew why other than that everyone on TV was partying with friends and snuggling up to the cutie next to them.  My boyfriend at the time wasn't home and I just felt so alone.  But why does it get so much more heightened because it's new year's eve?  Damn media and advertising.

Ever since I met my hubby I've had a new year's kiss at the stroke of midnight.  That I am thankful for.  I used to think that not being kissed at midnight was the worst thing possible!  Now, I hate to admit, I hate the idea even more, now that I know what it's like to have someone to hold for the new year and for every day after.  It's not about the power of new years, it's just knowing that with each year passing I become happier and happier that I've met the love of my life.  So, I guess I sometimes get caught up in the hype as well, even as an "adult."  After having years and years without it, I need my midnight kiss.

I work every new year's eve and I love to see people having fun.  Now I'm a part of those old memories I have from when I was a kid, I'm just not dancing it up; which is fine by me since I have two left feet.  I look forward to Twilight Zone marathons and Honeymooners marathons.  Now that is the joy of the new year; somethings that are old just never get old.  


Trish said...

I'm usually passed out on Jon's shoulder when the ball drops. Usually with a fever.

Dana said...

I'm sick too... it just never fails lol hopefully u make it!


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