Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So Many Toys to Play With, So Little Time...

This Christmas I received so many gifts that just touched my heart.  My family knows that I'm an old fashioned kind of girl; I love old movies (I finally have Casablanca!  What a beautiful movie!), antiques, and anything that looks retro.  I'm looking around our house right now and I just feel overjoyed with the gifts; my nativity scene is complete thanks to my hubby,

and I have a candle holder that is of Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus thanks to my Dad and his wife

—they're just beautiful additions to our house for the holidays.

I have two presents that I just can't stop looking at and smiling over; a retro phone and a retro radio.  I love them!  The phone is cordless, but looks like a retro rotary phone and the radio plays records, cds, cassettes, and has a hookup for my ipod!  

And today I received a gift from my mom that I just can't stop playing with: tons and tons of records!  They range from Michael Jackson's Thriller to The Carpenters.  Just like I love the smell of a book, I love the sound of a record! 

When I was cooking dinner for my hubby and folding laundry I couldn't stop listening to the raspy sound of the white noise from the records.  I loved every minute of.  Janis Joplin, Simon and Garfunkel, the Beach Boys—every record just makes me smile. 

Thanks mom for giving me a present that just keeps on giving and thanks to my hubby for giving me this retro piece so I have the ability to play them!  The last time I played records was when I was a little kid on my Grama's front porch storage room with my brother playing 45's on one of those small carrying case record players... needless to say, it's been a long time and I've missed that sound.  I can't wait to find old records and play them over and over again.  Now I just need to find a record holder so they don't get too scratched up!  So be on the lookout please... retro looking of course.

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