Friday, November 19, 2010

Kitchen. Done...

I cannot even explain to you about how happy I am to finally post this:
Our Kitchen, is finished!

Ever since we bought our house in July of 2008, we noticed something about the kitchen that we hated: the sink.  It was a double, stainless steel sink that was all bent around the edges; it looked crappy.

We decided that we weren't always going to be able to handle its crappiness and we would have to change it.  That time finally came around the last week of August of this year; we bought a sink from Lowes and decided to have it installed by them.  After they came to measure and said everything was a go, we set up the date.  The date came and the installer magically came to the conclusion that it wouldn't work.  Our last sink was rigged into a hole that was cut too large into our crappy laminate countertop.


Great.  So our little weekend project turned into what I like to refer to as 
The Weekend Project from Hell!

So our choices came down to these:
1) We buy new cabinets for under the sink
2) We buy new countertops


Either way, our little weekend project that we thought was going to cost us a few hundred dollars, turned into a project that would cost us a thousand or more.

We decided that we would no longer work with Lowes and would go through my Uncle's business, Neversink Lumber.

The hubby and I never planned on living in this home forever, so we didn't think that the Corian or granite options were good ones for us.  For our tiny kitchen it would cost us over $3000 for either option; it just wouldn't be worth the investment.

Thankfully, I saw a great high end laminate version at my cousin's house and thought that it would be the perfect solution.  I'm pretty sure that I'll take a $700 option versus a $3000 one any day.

After months of this garbage, the laminate people called Wednesday at one in the afternoon to let us know that they would come the next day, Thursday, to install the countertop.  Problem is, we'd have to have our old sink and countertop uninstalled before they came.  

Ridiculous!  Talk about great timing!

Thankfully, my brother-in-law, who was sick as a dog, came on Wednesday to take the old out; my mom came over to help.  I wasn't sure they could handle it without the help of my massive muscles, so I escaped from work for 30 minutes in order to help.

I'm not going to lie: when the new countertop was installed, I was disappointed.

It didn't look like what I ordered.  But then again, I guess when you look at a little tiny square, there's pretty much no way to see how it would look when it's on a large scale.

Now that it's installed with the sink and new faucet, I think it looks fabulous!

Does that make me crazy?

I'm pretty sure that I'm happy with the choices we made.  Unfortunately, I had to paint the edges where the old countertop was; I'm still not a big fan of painting.

But, I love it.

Unfortunately, we still haven't paid for it.

I'm just so thankful that our kitchen is finally done.


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