Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Lull...

A photo from my dad's wedding, courtesy of Mike Bloom ;)

You would think that summer would bring out the best in someone, now wouldn't you? I mean seriously, there is the sunshine, the beach, the long days of doing whatever you want. But something changes when you become an adult. You still have this dream of your childhood summers that were spent at Grama's house when all you had to do was get out of bed before Mom got home from work. We would spend the day at my Aunt's pool with my cousins and my brothers, I'd bike ride with my friends, or spend the day on the river. When May roles around we all start thinking of these times when everything was carefree. But it's just not the same for me anymore. As adults, we don't get summers off. And if you're a parent, you've actually got more work on your hands with having the kids off for two months. I see it on Facebook in the wintertime, "I hate the cold weather, Bring on the summer!" is pretty much what everyone says, but then when summertime hits, everyone changes their tune. Now it's, "I can't take this heat! Spending the day in the AC!"- It's crazy how it all changes. We all still look forward to it, but when it hits, it becomes old real quick.

I really thought I would spend my summer up at High Point Park, but I've only been up twice. I thought I would go down the river, I've been down once. I thought I would write chapters and chapters of my book, only three are finished. I thought I'd be going for runs/walks, I'm pretty much working out once or twice a week. I thought I would read all the books on my reading list, I've pretty much spent my days on the couch watching reruns of my favorite shows and cleaning the house. We've been to two weddings, one following directly after the other. Which was nice, but exhausting. But at the second we met up with our wedding photographer again, since he was photographing my father's wedding. It was a pleasant surprise that I used as my personal photo opportunity to ham it up. After the hecticness ended, this summer got depressing! Now, I just can't keep myself motivated long enough to get out of this summer lull. I'm waking up at noon and going to work at four. I work until one or two a.m. and then I start it all again. I look forward to doing nothing. Isn't that sad?

Our puppy is the thing that gets us both smiling from ear to ear. That and days off together. She's getting so big (almost 4lbs) and learning more and more everyday. We've become dog people, that's for sure. She fetches, she stays, rolls over, etc. We're so proud. And now, she's learning to go up and down the stairs. We're so impressed with her. She just makes everyday a little bit brighter. Is that sad? Right now she's laying next to me just waiting for her belly to be rubbed. She makes me feel like I've got unconditional love. I couldn't feel more blessed than I am with the little family that the hubby and I started when we adopted her.

I'm trying really hard to get out of this blah mode that I've gotten myself into. I love that the hubby and I have gone to concerts (with more to come!) and that we've gone to our first Yankee game at the new stadium (with more to come!). We're also heading to Niagara Falls soon. I love that he thinks of these little trips for us. I can't wait, I've always wanted to go after seeing the Marilyn Monroe Movie Niagara .

Joseph Cotten has got to be one of my favorite actors of all time too, perfect movie with a gorgeous backdrop. I'll have to break out my Marilyn-esque dresses just for the occasion. I think that's what one should do when they plan on dining at a restaurant that charges an arm and a leg for a view and dinner. But then again, I do love getting dressed up. Score one for the expensive restaurant.

So, for the end of summer, I'm vowing to stop hating on summer. I loved summer as a kid, but I want to enjoy it like a kid again. I'm going to do everything I vowed to do at the beginning of it. Maybe we should stop starting summer off with a bang by going on the perfect vacation. Maybe we should start it off slow and then end it with a bang. Just something to consider. Maybe that's my problem, nothing compares to vacation in Aruba, so being home for the summer is just so much less exciting. I'll raise a glass of iced tea to summer tomorrow. I'll just have to get out of bed early enough to brew it.


Trish said...

Amen sister amen.

Dana said...

haha, I know I know


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