Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm a College Graduate...

Since I've been dating my hubby, I've been going to college. In a few weeks, on my 26th birthday, I will finally be graduating from college. It's a strange feeling. A part of me wants to go back for another major. Now isn't that the craziest thing? Me? The person who dreaded early morning wake-ups for early morning classes and the long commutes has actually considered going back for another round. I'm pretty sure that I've got that crazy idea out of my head, but it has crossed my mind. I know there are no jobs in the journalism field so I've considered another, but then again, I love to write, so I think I'll stay true to my first instinct. But don't quote me on any of this because you never know what crazy idea I'll come up with in the next few years.

I hate to say this, but I think college was probably the easiest thing to do when it comes to schooling. I mean I dreaded the general education credits and I have hated a teacher or two or the assignments I was given, but to get good grades in college is a lot easier then trying to get them in high school. I'm not trying to sound crazy, so hear me out. In high school you have to take classes everyday, five days a week, but when you're in college you could have one class one day and maybe three on another day... Hello?! Come on now, after getting up at 6:30 a.m every day in high school, college is like easy street. Granted, you might get stuck with the shitty teacher and you might pull a couple more all nighters, but in general, it's an easier schedule, that's for sure. I would always love hearing kids at college complain about their work load. Come on, I work a full-time job and I go to school, and I commute. If you just stop partying every night, maybe your work load might get a little easier. Anyway, end of my rant, I just can't believe it's over. Amen that it is over, but it's going to be very strange. No whining about assignments I don't want to write, no complaining about professors that shouldn't be teaching, and no long commutes. It's a little strange. And I like it.

So what do I do with my time now that I'm a college graduate?

Well, after the 10 a.m. commencement ceremony, which for me starts at 8:30 (UGH!)- I'm pretty sure we'll go out to lunch. It is my birthday. Although soon enough I'm pretty sure that I will just have to stop celebrating these birthday things because I can't really handle that my age keeps going up. I mean seriously, when did I become an adult? Because I'm pretty sure I'm still my mother's princess and that I'm still the baby, so when did I start thinking about having one of my own? How does this all happen?!

So back to what I'll do with my time now that I'm a college graduate.

Well, I'm writing. Little by little I've started my book. I'm pretty happy with that prospect and with what I've written so far, but I just wish I had like five days in a row to just sit and write all day long. Hopefully, I can keep the flow going. I'm so afraid to lose it because I'm out of school. I can so easily fall into a pattern of reading books that I haven't been able to read, catching up on old t.v. shows that I haven't been able to fully enjoy, or now, enjoying my little pup that just brings a lot of happiness and a lot of work! I mean come on, how many times can I possibly take the little one to the vet? Her poor little eyes get infections because she's too small to fight them off. Why does she get them? The vet says if she even gets dust or dirt in her eye, poof, infection. Vet bills and visits, making special trips to pick up her food, and loads of her laundry! Now, try to tell me that I'm not a mother! I've got a lot that I'm going to try to do. I just hope that I can get my book finished. Then, I hope to get it published. Then, I hope that it makes money and then I can just live a life of luxury. Sigh. Oh, wouldn't that just be peachy?

So I'm a college graduate with no prospect of really having a job. Thankfully, I have a job. But not one that has anything to do with my field of study. But isn't that how it happens more often than not? Isn't it sad? I can't tell you how many of us were in graduation practice yesterday talking about how there are no jobs and how many times I heard, "hello unemployment line"— it's just sad. You work your butt off, for what? I know I feel great about my accomplishment. I just hope that I can have it pay off with my book. At least I know that on the sleeve it will say something about me being a college graduate. I guess that makes it all worth it. And I get to see my family smiling when they call my name.

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Trish said...

I've been considering taking classes myself....possibly another Master's or something.. maybe an elective from OCCC or Suny Orange just for fun..... you're not crazy alone.


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