Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just Another Day...

When I woke up today I felt alone. Very alone. It was strange. There was no one there to pounce on me or give me wet little kisses. It was strange. Then I remembered that when I was in half sleep/ half wake mode, the hubby told me that he was taking the puppy with him when he went to get his hair cut. He's been going to the same lady for like 20 years of his life, so he wanted to take our little pup for a little visit. It was weird to wake up in a quiet house now. I used to love it, now it just feels odd and uncomfortable. Granted, I just had to clean some poop off of her little butt now that she's home, but I enjoy taking care of her, she's worth all the little frustrations.

Oh, and the hubby says that our pup is a chic magnet. His words, not mine. Everyone flocks to her, how could you not?! She's just the cutest thing.

"I think I'm going to tell the guys at work who are single that they need to pick up one of these dogs," says the hubby. "If I was single, she'd be great for picking up girls."

Nice babe, nice.

The best part about our pup is that even the biggest of guys become all mushy when they see her. She's pretty perfect. Just try to go to a pet store with her in tow. You turn a five minute trip into an hour excursion. But I guess just like a proud momma, I become a proud puppy mom and smile from ear to ear like I gave birth to her. Yup, I'm crazy in love with her...

On a side note I thought I was going to die on Thursday. Seriously.

I was really scared.

It was at the dentist. The dreaded dentist. Remember how I had to find a new dentist to do my fillings? Well, I found one and finally got the appointment set. They started with the shot of novocain and then after about 10 minutes started drilling. Then I twitched from a little pain I felt. They gave me another shot of novocain. Then the room started spinning. Like tilt a whirl spinning. Like being on a rollercoaster that just goes in circles and up and down. I couldn't focus on anything. My eyes were bugging. I felt queasy. I asked the assistant if the room was suppose to be spinning like it was. She sounded worried, then she gave me water. It didn't help. They did my fillings and all I could think of was, don't get sick, don't get sick. I was so scared I would infect my tooth! Now, there I was, feeling like I was dying and all I could think about was how not to puke.

They finished and asked me how I was feeling. I think I mustered out a "not good, not good at all." The room was still spinning so bad and that mind over matter thing to try to get myself to not puke, wasn't working anymore. I had the assistant lady help me to the bathroom because I couldn't walk on my own, and I got sick. And got sick. Then they put me back in the chair and put my head all the way back. Then they gave me oxygen. They took my blood pressure which was 138 over 90 and my normal is 90 over 60. Nothing was helping. It just took time.

I had to have my mom pick me up. One of my customers saw her helping me to her car and thought I hurt my leg. Nope, just couldn't walk because I was over drugged. Or something. I'm pretty lucky to have a mom who will drop everything for her daughter. She brought me home and sat with me and took out the puppy for me. Then she went and picked my car up and brought it back home. Yup, she's a keeper.

The next day the dentist called to see how I was feeling. I thought that was nice. Seeing that I almost died. She wanted me to have a good experience at the dentist. I think we didn't achieve that this time. Maybe next time. Maybe I should floss more often? Maybe that will help keep me out of her chair other than for a cleaning. I never hated the dentist, but I never liked them either. Sketchy people I tell you. I'm sitting in the chair dying and she's talking to her assistant lady about hiking in Colorado and about her girl friend who's ex is now her dental supplier and whether or not she should tell her girl friend about it. I was waiting for her to ask my opinion. Hmmm... those dentists, I tell you. Sketchy people.

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