Friday, January 3, 2014

So Why Pearls & Poison...

In this world there are very few things that I love more than writing.

I'm not the best writer. I don't even write everyday. I'm not the most observant of grammar. I have never really cared. It has always been about the feeling. The ability to put what I need to say down on paper. Down somewhere. Let's be honest, sometimes my iPhone is a lot more handy than a pen and pad. But it has to go somewhere so it can get out of my head and stop haunting me in the middle of the night or in the middle of conversations. Words. Ideas. Melodies. Just the flow of something that I feel needs to be said. Something that hasn't been said the way that I need to say it.

There are so many songs about love. There are so many songs about heartache. But they aren't my songs. They aren't the words that keep me up at night. They aren't my feelings. They aren't my observations.

But this is what scares me. When people see my words, i'm afraid that they automatically feel that it's MY life i'm writing about. Well, in a way it is. But they're not always verbatim. I do have a creative mind. I do elaborate. I do put more into my words than just my personal feelings or just my observations. Please, don't feel sorry for me when you read my words. Feel happy for me that I was able to put them on to paper to make you feel that sorrow. To make you say, "that made me want to cry" or "Oh my God Dana, did that really happen?" 

People ask us constantly, well, men ask us constantly, "so, which one is pearls and which one is poison?" — my answer, neither and both. We write love songs. We write breakup songs. The ups, the downs, the joy and the heartache. That's what Pearls & Poison is about. That's what it means. We write about that moment when the gifts come, when everything is perfect and then we write about when it all falls apart in one way or another. There's always that moment in every relationship when you just wish the other person would just disappear; even just for a second. That's the poison. It's either that thought that crosses your mind, or that moment when you want to just scream for that person to just have never stepped foot into your life. It's the craziness between the two extremes. The love and the hate. The pearls and the poison.

I love writing. It keeps me sane. It's my outlet. But it's not my life to a tee. I do kinda consider myself creative. My husband gets mad sometimes when a song comes. He's never understood the writing part. To him they're just words on a page. He doesn't understand. When I listen to a song, I only hear the words. The music part comes later for me. The words are what pull me in. People relate. They know that not everything can always be flowers, hearts, and roses. The shit happens, and if no one else will write about it, I damn well will.

So please don't feel sorry for me when you hear our songs. It's my therapy. It's my ability to see how your relationships are going too. So, if you find me watching your interactions one day, or counting on my fingers as I have a pen in hand or my iPhone, there's probably a song being written, and it might just be about you, not me. There's no better feeling than when it just clicks. I'm so glad that I can make you feel emotional. I hope I always can.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful what you wrote here is. I have always wanted to reach out and touch other peoples hearts, to me that is where it's at. You have both come such a long way since the Open Mic at The Grill that Herc and I run. Your music has touched many lives mine includes. God Bless and I hope you both and your families have a Fantastic New Year.
Peace, Love and Music,
Pete (the hippie) ★♫☮Doc★♫☮🎸

Dana said...

Thank you Pete! It really is amazing how music can really just speak to the soul! Thank you for all your support! <3 We love your nights! I miss them dearly! But I get to enjoy it tomorrow!


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