Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Is In the Air...

Can you feel it? I can.

At least I know there is some sunlight at the end of this gloomy tunnel that is yet another rainy day.

I know it's spring because I've just painted my toenails for the first time since our wedding day. I'm also shaving my legs more than once a week. What can I say, during the cold months I need that extra layer! My poor hubby. Lucky him, I can smell spring in the air and I can feel it when the sun shines on my face, so I'm starting to prepare showing off the legs. Even if their whiteness blinds people.

I know that this rain is hopefully going to bring flowers instead of changing into snow. I'm looking forward to trying my hand at planting some flowers into my planters outside again. Granted, the result will still be the same and they'll be dead in a week, but at least I'll feel like I accomplished something when I first get my hands dirty.

I'm opening the curtains again and looking for spring dresses. I'm going for walks or at least planning for those walks once this weather finally breaks. I just love the smell of rain, but I wouldn't mind trading it for the smell of some sunshine and the smell of fresh cut grass. Even though that smell drives my allergies crazy. I'm willing to make the sacrifice in order to see some green earth and some blue skies.

Right now I might want to crawl into my chaise lounge and snuggle up with my robe; that's right a robe, not a snuggie! Don't people realize that snuggies are just robes put on backwards? Yup, some 25 year-old made millions off of people not noticing that they were just backwards robes. I wish I thought that little of people and made millions off of the idea first! Maybe next time.

But I can feel spring coming. Here are my new sandals to celebrate the occasion, even though I will still be sporting my Uggs until the weather breaks 70*...

And here's my new handbag from Target. I definitely spent more on it then I usually like to spend on bags, but then again $30 isn't that much for a bag this cute. It's like a little burst of sunshine!

Here I am spring, just waiting for you to catch up with my mind and my heart because both are feeling quite springy.

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Trish said...

Don't diss the snuggie, lol

I too have shaved my legs more than once this week and I'm glad that Spring is on its way. It'll be great to get outdoors for softball season and get some running in during my free moments.

I am super excited because I got a couple cute pairs of Nike and Adidas shorts today that I ordered using my Kohls account. Also, some new running shoes. Looking forward to getting outside and enjoying the sunshine.

Don't worry about your legs blinding the world, mine are practically translucent!

Hopefully we can get some girl walks in sometime sooner than later :)

<3 you MoH


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