Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh, What a Feeling...

My "I Hate Jen Murphy" T-Shirt Courtesy Of Jen

A week on organic food and I feel amazing! I can't even believe how being a strict organic food eater can change the way your body feels in such a short period of time. I feel amazing. My stomach problems haven't acted up in this entire week and I'm really feeling the difference in my stomach. I've had more energy in the past week then I've had in a long time. I'm exercising on a daily basis. I'm drinking more water. I'm enjoying the sunshine. It's crazy how my whole outlook has changed. Maybe it's the weather too, but normally I'd love to snuggle up on the couch, but instead I decide to open the shades and let some sunshine in until it lures me outside. People can mock me. They can mock organic and they can laugh at my lifestyle, but I feel amazing. I might be paying more at the grocery store, but I know that this feeling is something worth paying for...

Our couple sessions with Jen Murphy are going great. We both feel the pain after and we feel great during it. I love that my hubby now sees how hard I push it during my sessions, I love how he feels the torture too. She even gave me a custom T-shirt saying how much I hate her— it's a running joke we have, I said she should market them— they would be great sellers! I hate Jen for the pain, but I love her for the definition I'm finally getting in my stomach. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that I would ever have a stomach with definition! This is amazing! The fat girl has definition! Well, I'm not fat anymore, but a part of me will always feel like the little fat girl... I guess I should stop feeling like that and stop stepping on the scale. It's not about the number. It's about the fact that I just bought three pairs of size six jeans! I love slipping into size sixes without a struggle. No huffing and puffing. No struggling to zip the jeans or pull in a muffin top. I love it and who ever loves jean shopping?! Now I can say, "I do, I do!"

I have so much motivation. Seeing really is believing. Once I started seeing the results of going for runs again (thank God for springtime!), going to more sessions with Jen, doing pilates sessions on my own at home with great Windsor pilates dvds- all the work is finally paying off. I'm doing juice drinks again— yeah for the Jack Lalanne Juicer! I love drinking fresh organic juice. It feels amazing and the different mixtures you can come up with are so tasty. It's definitely a good hold over until your next meal. Most of the time I use one as a meal. It's great and so much more tasty then a slim fast or any of those packaged drinks.

So here's to an Organic food lifestyle. It's working for me— no more late night hunger, no more desire to eat at work because I know that nothing there is healthy for my body— food is the fuel for the body, and I'm not looking to put cheap fuel into myself any longer. In the long run, the cheap stuff ruins the whole system. I'm looking to stick around for a really long time and keep these engines running.

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