Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's About Time...

So our bathroom is finally done. That's right, the weekend project that turned into a five-week project, is finally over. And I couldn't be happier! I have to say, it's been done for about a week or more, but I've been enjoying it so much, I haven't even thought about showing it off.

The bathtub is a dream. After a long workout I can put some epsom salts in the tub, turn the jets on, and soak my tired body. I love that feeling. The warmth and the pressure from the jets it just amazing. Now I know why athletes soak their bodies after a long workout. Granted, I'm far from an athlete, but this body is tired from the workouts. The tub is just a great escape from the world. After a long day or before a long day, my bathroom has become my sanctuary, my little nook that is just like paradise.

The color I picked for the bathroom is perfect. I love it. The hubby hates it. But he keeps his opinion to himself— most of the time. I'm lucky that he lets me do what I want when it comes to decorating our home. We finally found a painter that is amazing and I'm definitely going to have him paint the other rooms in the house that still need painting. About a year ago, we had another painter do our hallway because it has unreachably high ceilings; he was horrible and had to come back to touch up, and it still looks crappy! I'm going to have the new guy repaint it and change the color because the first one wasn't what I expected.

We painted four of the rooms in the house on our own, with the help of great family, but now we'd rather have someone else do it. Hey, we're helping the economy right? At least that's what I tell myself when I think of the back pain that I get from doing it ourselves! When the painter was finished I said to him, "Ohhhh, I love it, and the husband is going to hate it, but I love it!" Everyone else likes it. At least they tell me they do. You know how people are. I've changed the mirror and we have up a new wooden blind. The room feels like my own little spa retreat. I couldn't be happier. I wish I had some before and afters, but all I've got is the afters.

Yeah for the "New" Bathroom!

Love This Blind Instead of the Crappy Curtains

Our New Mirror Changes the Whole Feel

The Faucets that Took Three Tries to get Right!

What do you think?

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Trish said...

I LOVE the color. I will have to come see it in person!


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