Monday, November 9, 2009

So Behind the Times...

I can't help it. I might be a little behind the times, but I just discovered through my blogging the girl on page 194! She's me... well not really ME, but I relate so much to her. I'm a girl who works out and eats right but I'm never going to achieve that tight body that you see on the pages of Fitness or Shape. It's ok. Really I'm ok with not being that girl who can eat everything and look like she's only eaten lettuce, but man it's just refreshing to see a girl with curves who is proud of those curves. My hubby loves my body. Now I can honestly say that I feel a little bit more comfortable because of the girl on page 194 (Lizzie Miller). Kuddos to her and to Glamour for showing a real woman in the magazine. Now we can only hope for the front cover! (I'm so behind the times, this was from August!)



Trish said...

That picture is exactly what I needed today. Thank you. <3

Dana said...

I needed it too! :) glad it helped u :)

Anonymous said...

I've always been a fan of plus-size models! There's a great site with many images of plus-size models here:

They're all gorgeous.

The site's forum also has thought-provoking discussions about body image and the media.


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