Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Thought of Snow Terrifies People...

Even though we live in New York, I swear the thought of snow must just scare people to death around here!  Tuesday is normally my shopping day and I know that I was terrified at the thought of going to the grocery store on a day like today when the snow was just waiting to start falling from the gray pink sky.  

I ran some errands and then headed to the stores; unfortunately, I couldn't help myself from hitting up TJMaxx before buying groceries for the week.  Let me tell you how much of a destresser it is to go and buy stuff when you know you have a gift card!  It's just so freeing!  I was going to head to Victoria's Secret to buy some new stuff, that was much in need, but instead I bought about six bras and twenty pairs of panties for about $70!  Insane right?!  I knew that stepping into TJMaxx would just make my day that much better before heading into a grocery store from H-E-Double hockey sticks!

It amazes me to see the look in people's eyes when they're shopping for a snow storm.  Like if they don't get in two hours of shopping eight hours before the storm starts, then all hell will break loose.  People bump in to you, they push you out of the way for things, and when the cart traffic jams start, no one will budge from their spot in order to let someone pass.  People are crazy!  Who needs four loaves of bread unless you are feeding a family of ten for a week!  It's a couple of inches of snow people, and we live in 2011, you are realistically not going to get stuck inside over a few inches of snow.  

I came home, amazed by my TJMaxx purchases and started up the crockpot.  How can you go wrong with the crockpot when a snow day is going to happen?  You can't.  It's perfect and the house smells amazing.  

I'm just really not looking forward to waking up in the morning to tackle the driveway.  Why can't snow days be like when we were kids and it was actually fun?  Stupid grown-up life.

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